Friday, July 17, 2015

How can 1 enjoy when all can enjoy!!

Hey all!!:) I loved your emails last week! It sounded like you are all doing very well! I can't believe you are all enjoying the summer already it's wild. I can't believe that I am on my last transfer. This week was transfer news. Elder green is leaving to Bakoshie he will enjoy. My new companion is Elder Mutawe he is a great guy. I actually helped seal him to his parents in the temple. We are now going to enjoy my last transfer. Elder Thapellie is going to the bush. I am staying with Elder Lewis Reese though and that will be sick he is a great guy we have got along very well these last couple of months. We are going to enjoy my last transfer. Did I tell you it's my last transfer?? Hha I’m so pumped! I'm sad I have to leave this place and my people but happy to see my family and not sweat anymore!!!!! 
This week has gone so fast and good for Elder Green and me! Green celebrated his 19th bday on Friday! We celebrated it on Saturday though. We went to the mall and chopped chicken and chips, Dr. Pepper and snickers. He loved his bday! Elder Chatterley is going home on Thursday. I am sad to see him leave he is a great bud of mine now. He will be going to Provo for school so I will meet him again. This week Elder Green and I taught some very powerful lessons together. We contacted a woman named V and she has just moved to the Accra area and said she doesn't have a church in this area yet. We knew God had lead us to this wonderful woman she is very receptive to the gospel we are so happy to see how she progresses. She is around 27 years and has a couple children that she is raising alone. She has such a special spirit about her. This mission we do a Book of Mormon devotional every Thursday. Well I was the discussion leader and we learned about Alma and Amulek when they were called to the city of Ammonihah to preach to the wicked Lamanites. Well we have been using this story with our investigators and recent converts and they love it. Ghanians don't really read they just know stories in the Bible so when you tell them stories hey I tell you what they love it and it has really helped out investigators know that the Book of Mormon truly is the word of God! A funny story this week is Green and I like doing stupid things at times and really like messing with Ghanaians at times! Well we were contacting and we were knocking gates and I saw an old man sitting on the curb of a house so I waved at him and I could tell he wasn't too happy to see us but he was an older man and we somehow ended knocking the gate by his house and as we were walking up to his house he said "I'm busy I'm traveling" so we said okay no problem and then we knocked the gate and we knocked....he then said I told you I'm traveling sooo! Well I looked back at Green and he said knock again so we knocked again haha Green started to laugh and then we decided to go. Well as we were leaving we started a casual conversation with the man and he would talk to us and then get mad that he was talking to us haha. We asked him da what is your favorite food? He began to talk to us and then he would shake his head and say why are you worrying me. So we decided to go and we were laughing so hard....we play like we don't know anything about Ghana and the people here are so understanding they are so patient with us even if they hate the church so we abuse that a little bit. C and K are still doing so well; C has been at school all week so we haven't been able to meet with him. K though is doing sweet! Sunday was such a great day. Green bore his testimony and it was just a great Sunday! Elder Chatterley has an investigator that loves missionaries and feeds them every Sunday so for his last Sunday he fed all of us. We chopped nice fufu and light soup with fish. We then immediately after had a FM with our second counselor to the stake president😅. They fed us so much food and gave us some drinks. One is called Alvaro it is like sparkling cider it is so good! I was so full holy cow I slept like a baby! 
Family I love you all very much! I am so grateful for the way I have been raised and the family I have grown up in. I feel so blessed. I want you to know I still want us all to go to the temple though as a family. How great of a privilege we have to be sealed as a family. As I have been over here and have seen so many different faiths we are so lucky. We need to show our gratitude to Heavenly Father and serve Him in His house. Remember we are all beggars everything we own or have accomplished is from and belongs to our Father. We are so blessed. I love you all very much and love my Heavenly Father and His son so much!!

Love you all tons,
Elder Carson