Sunday, June 14, 2015

No matter where we go we always find our way back home!

Hey you all!:) I loved your guys last email it was great! Thank you mom and dad for the help with school and everything I really appreciate it! Sister keale our office couple called me last week and asked what airport I want to fly into? I told her Salt Lake so it's confirmed; we will get our itinerary next month. I can't believe the time has come, it has been a very hard long grind but overall I have grown so much since I have been here. Truly a mission is a life changing event I am grateful I came!  Grandma and Grandpa sound great with all of the family. 
This week has been such a great week. I have been battling the flu I think but it only kept me down for one day not three(dad) haha. Did I tell you I found monster energy drink chili I bought two haha they were so dang good. Green and I had some surprises come to church last week. We contacted a woman who is a New Jersey woman and she goes to church in America and she showed up at church it was a surprise because we contacted her in May and kind of thought she will go home very soon so we will let the elders there teach her. She enjoyed church though, we also got a bunch of other people who just decided to come to our church and they really enjoyed it. People here really love the fact that we learn at church, they get tired of listening to a false pastor preaching for 3 hours and going off in weird voices (what they call gift of tongues). So they really love learning instead of being yelled at. We are teaching a couple from Congo and they are progressing so well😄 they are such a great couple, the man is truly searching and trying to find the real church, he is praying and doing very well. I went on an exchange with elder Jake Jones. He came to Ghana with me and knew Jackson Kunz from Utah valley he had a buddy play there also. Jones and I have been good friends on mission despite serving in different areas but it was great to go out with him. He is now our AP so he is a great missionary. We taught some great lessons together. I was sitting in the one bedroom we were in and it was light off and we were sweating trying to teach and I was like despite all these circumstances I face here I am happy serving and teaching these people I love it! We were in coordination this week and Green was saying the prayer so I decided to fiddle his butt with a pen and Elder Thalelli couldn't hold his laugh in and made a little kkkkkkkkkccccccc sound haha it made all us missionaries laugh....o are ward mission leader didn't really know what was going on but it was funny! The Gha people a tribe has a culture that for one month there should be no music played or loud noise anywhere and that festival just ended and now there is always loud and annoying music everywhere. Literally when you go to a wedding or a party the music is so loud you can't even talk to anyone it’s like this is giving me a headache, so for this last month we have enjoyed peace😳
Family all is well I want you to know that I know Joseph Smith is a prophet. A man can never bring to pass all the things Joseph Smith has done unless he is guided by God. If this church isn't true I would love to see a man try to do everything Joseph has done, all the good, the teachings, the Book of Mormon, no one can do it. The Church has been restored; this is The Church of Jesus Christ! I am grateful to be in it! We also need to understand the importance of taking the sacrament. This sacred ordinance is a testimony to our Heavenly Father that we still remember the sacrifice our Savior has done for us. If we are grateful for what Heavenly Father has done in our life we need to show it by taking of the sacrament. I love you all very much! I again am so proud of my family I truly feel I have the best family. 

I love you all!!
Elder T-Cars