Sunday, June 14, 2015

Week 89- Love ya all!!

Hey family! Sorry I missed emailing you last Monday I have been very sick, I think that I had the's been raining a lot and the weather has been very cold (82 degrees) I literally woke up the other night shivering. I saw dad was sick and he was down for 3 if I had that sickness I would have been healthy in 3 hours haha;) it sounds like you guys have been enjoying with motorcycle riding, the color run and school is out. I have been very good though I love your emails from all of you. Grandma and Grandpas emails are funny haha. 
So you heard about the flood, it has really devastated people here it has hurt my heart to see these people. The water would enter their rooms and destroy everything so the last couple of days as we ride and proselyte we see everyone's stuff on the road trying to dry out their clothes and their mattresses it's very hard to see. Please keep them in your prayers. Green and I were coming home that night from the church, it had been raining for about 5 hours and then we were like okay we better go. We put on trash sacks and then biked to the house. Well close to our junction we were riding and the water just kept getting bigger and bigger then next thing u know we had water up to our waste and all the roads were flooded. So we pushed our bikes to the house in waist deep was wild. There was a large canal close to our junction and it filled up clear to the top and 3 people were swept into it and passed away it was sad, the water wasn't too strong though Green and I were able to get through with ease but Ghanaians hate water and none know how to swim so they were freaking out. Well Green and I dropped our bikes off and said we got to help people out there. So we didn't take our shirt and tie off we just ran out there and helped people cross the road, pushed cars as best as we could and just helped children and anyone that needed help. There were a lot of heroes that night. So many people were very grateful for us. One man was in the car with his wife and the water was coming over his hood and entering his car. He was almost in tears asking me to please help. I just helped him relax and told him to keep his car off or it would flood, then when he has a straight shot to get out of traffic we will turn it on and push him out. We did that and he was okay. Green and I and some Ghanaians cleared up a whole highway of traffic it was sweet. Where the explosion happened it was about a 25 minutes away from me. The missionaries there faced it a lot worse than we did their apartments got flooded and they saw a lot of dead bodies. Overall it has been a distress in this country for the past couple of days. The economy here is getting worse and worse by the second. The government doesn't do anything here. The president said this happened because the people liter and the gutters get blocked with trash....and that we shouldn't liter. Now that is true this country is dirty but the government doesn't provide rubbish bins for us to throw things away. I have never seen a trash can in public here. The flood has been hard but we are managing. 
The work however is going very good. Green and I are doing sweet like usual. We baptized a man named Isaac and three of our recent converts received the priesthood we were so happy for them. The ward is doing so good. I love this area. I tell you what I found a monster my first in 21 months I bought it without thinking I loved every minute of it. I tell you what I'm losing my desire small small but I'm hanging in there. I love my Heavenly Father so much and Jesus Christ. I am trying to do my best for them as I finish. Family I love you all very much!! I am so grateful for you all!! I'm sweet, I am with great guys and are finding great people to teach. I love you all tons!!

Love you guys tons!!!

Elder Carson