Sunday, August 2, 2015

Weekly Email

Hey family it was great to hear from you all! I just want you to know I'm sure excited to see you all again and have been thinking about that a lot. However me and my companion are working hard and I don't talk about home at all unless they remind me. I mentioned to my companion that we are enjoying this transfer and he said its true man but it's good enjoyment. A lot of the time missionaries think enjoyment is doing apostate things like watching movies or playing video games but we are having fun working hard and truly are enjoying helping others come unto Christ. We have been meeting a lot of sweet people but having a hard time helping them progress. We are teaching a group of young adults who are from 18 to 20 years and they are very humble and are very receptive to the gospel. The only problem is family influence, you know Christ instructed the apostles that the gospel would cause contention in some families and cause the truth seekers to be hated is so true. In this group we have Francis, Sarah, Esaaba, and Ema they are great and we have enjoyed teaching them. There is a family that we have been teaching every Saturday and they feed us Banku and Pepper with talapia every time. They are a very wealthy family and are so kind. They love the teachings but aren't progressingđź’©we love them though and we are part of their family that's for sure. My recent converts are doing great however. I talk to them all on a regular basis and they are all doing great. Some are thinking of missions while others have traveled to other countries where the church isn't even there. I have one that traveled to a Muslim dominant country and will probably be the only member in the country so the Savior works in mysterious ways. We teach so many people it's hard to point out all. We are however teaching a woman who is going through nursing school her name is Alberta she is such a great woman. She is working hard to become a nurse and her exams are coming up but she still gives us the opportunity to meet with her and learn the gospel. She told us that when you make time for God he makes time for you and I loved that. We have her a baptismal goal for the middle of August and hope she is baptized on this day.
I gave my final testimony in ZTM meeting and it was a very spiritual experience. I gave it with a good friend of mine who is also leaving this transfer Elder Beacum.  I realized as I bore my final testimony to those missionaries how much I have gained a testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ. I have been honored to serve Him and am grateful for this experience it has been the most challenging two years of my life but I thank God for those challenges they have shaped and molded me into who my Father in Heaven wants me to become.
Family I love you all so much I am very proud of you all. With my companion he is a stud and has had to support himself since an early age and he told me that he has never talked to any missionary about his personal life and about his ambitions and goals except with me. We talk about life and about what we think each other should do. He said his dreams and goals have changed with me and he talks about selfless sacrifice for his future posterity. He is a great guy and we got a lot of trust with each other. I know We are companions for a reason and I think it's to help us both for when we go home. I love you all tons and hope this email finds you all in Gods blessings!

Elder Carson