Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week 52-What day is it????? HUMP DAY!!!!!:)

What day is it????? HUMP DAY!!!!!:)                                                          9/15/2014 10:53 AM

Hey Family!! Well I’m listening to some 2pac in the cafe right now while emailing haha, only in GH its awesome here you never know what to expect when you walk out the door every day, it makes missionary work a blast!! It sounded like you all had a great week.  I was so glad that Grandma is okay, Elder Valdez our District leader thought he was getting one so we bought some ORS lemon which is medicine here just pure lemon and had him chug a bunch of it, so even me I have started drinking a ton.  It sounded like you had a great weekend with the family!! Grandma told me about the poop haha that is funny right there, gosh we are redneck I was just laughing while reading Grandma's email that is funny.  Boy soon enough I will be home don’t worry it will go by fast:)  You got my letters and things, you will have to let me know on what you think next email:)  Colby man that tag is yours boss, soon enough little brother.  Colby send me a picture of your truck with the gauges and things, also let me know how your bike is coming along!  Dad glad work is going well, seems just normal stuff!  Don’t worry about this Ebola thing, we just have to kind of leave it up to God.  If it comes it comes and they get us out of here.  President updates us every single week.  My only fear is it comes and doctors run, already we had a suspected case in a hospital just close to me and all the doctors ran.  My only fear is that Ghana won’t report any cases until it is too late.  Elder Curtis the general authority is here in Ghana and they are working on things, President Hill said he has been working on it and doing mock scenarios if it does comes what happens, I know President is prepared, that man is very very smart and I trust him, he won’t let us get hurt here.  They have billboards up here so I think Ghana is trying we will see though!! Don’t worry though all is well here, just got to get through one more year:)  

This week was so dang good!!!  I have learned so many things serving as a missionary for my Heavenly Father.  It’s amazing how serving a mission changes you from a boy into a man, it truly is a university for life. I was talking with President on Wednesday and we were discussing how far I have come.  It’s amazing when I first came I was kind of stubborn about some wearing a helmet but I realized the importance of exact obedience. I have changed in so many things and I am so grateful for the decision of serving a mission.  Even if I was offered a 10 million dollar baseball contract to the Angels or serving a mission I would choose a mission.  Anyone that is deciding to serve or contemplating it, turn to your heavenly father first for help, but you won’t regret serving that I can promise you!  This week was great for Elder Bangi and I.  We had Zone Training Meeting on Wednesday at the Temple which was awesome!! We didn't go through a session but just being there with a lot of the missionaries was a blast!  Then throughout the week we just had a great week!  I can’t believe it has been a year...time flies, just got to get to December and then from there it’s a new year.  I am sad and happy about getting to my one year.  I want to time to slow down a little, chii it is going very fast, but I want to see my family!  For my next year I have made some resolutions and set some new goals for my missionary efforts.  I also wanted to talk to the family about setting goals.  Don’t think that I have forgotten about going to the temple as a family!  I would love to go to the temple with my whole family and would love you all to set goals so we can achieve that through this next year!!!  We are working with a lot of people!  We had a very good week, we had 7 investigators at church this week was awesome!!  We had been teaching this older women A, but she moved to Volta region, well she came back to Accra and called us to come see her, she loves the church, reads the book of Mormon and came to church for the first time on Sunday it was awesome!! We were going to have baptisms this week but we ran into some complications with the parents of the candidate. In Ghana you have to be very careful because it is such a Christian country that they refer to everyone as brother and sister so we had a recent convert who wanted us to baptize all these girls and she was like they are my junior sisters, well thank goodness for bishop interviewing them a little found out that they are just friends living together so we are going to make sure they are super prepared first.  The one was devastated when I told her that we are going to push it back a week, we will see though, we will do a lot of praying about it!  As well we are teaching this girl J  Well she is awesome, we usually don’t stick to an investigator this long but something is pushing us to just stick with her.  She is our hardest investigator right now!  She has prayed and has received her answer but is just really scared and doesn't like how slow the church is, she loves drums and dancing, so we are just trying to help her.  She opened up to us her concern this week and came to church, and loved church so we will continue to work with her, I think she will just take time!  Elder Bangi and I are getting along very well, I am always nervous for a new companion but we are always laughing and joking with each other, I love this guy very much, he has such a big heart and is always ready to give.  I love Africans, our culture here is when you have food you always invite whoever is around to come eat, here they really mean it and he is so kind and always wants to give I love this guy!  We are still eating the same thing here except no bush meat and we don’t really eat on the road anymore due to Cholera, it is very bad here people are dying so we have to be very careful, two missionaries in the other mission got it, so we are just being super clean.

Well Family!! This church is so dang true!!  I know without a doubt that this is the Savior Jesus Christ’s church on the earth today. This church is not a church formed by a man but it is literally Jesus Christ Church, I am so honored to be a part of it!!! I know that the book of Mormon is the work of god and is another testament of Jesus Christ.  I have read it, studied it and have felt the spirit countless amount of times witness that it is true.  Family Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us so dang much.  Put your trust in him and allow him to direct your life, and you will feel his hand and love directing you!!  I love my heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ and I love you guys so dang much!! Thank you for everything.  I think for my one year we will go get a cheeseburger and I will get my companion one too!! I love you all so dang much!!!! I miss you like crazy but soon enough!!!

I love you all tons!!!

Elder T-Cars