Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week 80- Transfers

Transfers                                                                                                                                  4/8/15

                                                                                                                                                                    Well family it was great to hear from you!! I can't believe we will talk on the phone in like one month it is pretty sweet. My final home call! I'm grateful that you are all doing very good, happy and healthy. I know God lives and loves you all very much he has watched out for you as I have been here. Thank you for keeping me informed with Grandpa and Grandma and also Camille. It really helps me when you let me know how everyone is doing. Thank you for the emails and thank you so much for the support. I know that with whatever happens in life my family will always be there to support me and I am so grateful for that! 

Transfers were here o! I was transferred to Odokor. Elder Jessee was transferred to Tantra Hills. I am so sad to leave Asuom my heart wanted to stay there but I was losing my fire there. So I know God knew and knew that someone else needed to come and rekindle it a little and get full flame again. It's hard as missionaries sometimes we get stuck in routines and start just going through the motions. Especially for me I like getting into routines. It really speeds up time and helps me stay focused. However at times I really need to take a step out of my routine and see what God would have me do in that situation of time. It applies to us in our journey of mortality. Are we stuck in routines? If so we have the Savior and the Holy Ghost to help us. We can take a step out of our own clouds and see what do I need to be doing in my life, what should I do to please God. Don't be afraid to change. 
Asuom was so sweet, I will forever miss my gym out there that is killing me right now, now all I do is just normal push ups and dumb bells made out of gears haha. It was very neat however that on my last Sunday there we had a baptism. We assembled the font(a small swimming pool) and baptized one of the greatest men I have ever met, S N. I will never forget his sacrifice he had made to join the Lords church. I will use his example in my homecoming talk I know of it. He speaks very broken English but he and I got along so well and he and I will be great friends in the celestial kingdom. You know it's not easy serving in Africa. When you say goodbye it's most likely goodbye forever. It's not easy. 
One thing that I again have realized is the importance of  “blessed are the poor for they are the ones that will inherit the kingdom of God.”  My last Sunday in Asuom we always heard of this big plantation called GOPDC. So I decided to go see it...make a memory as Grandma would say. Well Elder Nyampong and I got us a moto, piled three of us on a little motorcycle and went on a 10 mile ride to see it. It was so neat the whole time I was like my family would love to see this. They had a huge farm of Palm Nut and  had a huge plantation. Well they had an air strip(Dad) and it was very interesting the whites lived on one side while the Blacks were on the other side. There was the sweetest swimming pool, with tennis courts chii it was so tempting. Well we decided we are here so let us do a little contacting. Well we contacted some big houses and the first two houses were Africans. Very nice humble people. Very welcoming and very friendly. They loved talking and were very interested in what we were doing. Well then we went to the whites side and they were all mostly from Belgium(explains it) and we contacted them and they were so rude and so prideful. One guy in particular was sitting outside reading and we walked to his presence and started talking. Well you know me I love small talk so I was trying to chat with him. I asked him a question of what exactly the plantation does? He said as you can see in a very rude way. Chii I almost gave it to him. I about said yeah it looks like a slave plantation so maybe you can correct me. I just said okay we will see you another day and we left. You know I will forever love Africans because they are so friendly and so inviting. I will never forget their examples to me. I then realized why I'm not in America because I would get in a lot of arguments when people are jerks...God does know me haha! 

Well Odokor is so sweet. We have a sweet compound and some sweet tenants. They are very wealthy so they take care of us. They love me too so they have fed me almost every night with nice grilled chicken and smoked fish. The down side is they love partying. They love girls and are always drinking and bringing girls over. So they keep us up when we want to sleep with loud music and drunk laughter but other than that its way sweet. We have everything we need here. The nicest mall in west Africa is just down the road and we have one of the greatest doctors in Africa in our ward so we are very blessed. It's totally opposite from Asuom where we were alone and had nothing haha. However they did get another senior couple from Idaho, he was a dairy farmer and is a great guy he was sad I was leaving there. He saw my cowboy hat and o buddy we clicked right away.

My companion is Elder Green he is from Jonesboro Arkansas. He is about 5 months on mission and is a sweet guy I really like him.  He had a beautiful girlfriend and is handsome himself. He played the French horn in band and loves football so we get along pretty good. I played the trumpet pretty freaking  good when I used to play haha.

Well family I am going to chop rabbit. I have a video of it. First I am in the same apartment with Elder Lewis-Reese from Pennsylvania and again Elder Uzoho who was companions with Elder Jensen when I was training Elder Luvhengo while Jensen trained Elder Uzoho...that was almost a year ago haha. Well we all get along very well I love Uzoho I call him Nija haha sweet guy. Well he likes rabbit but doesn't like killing them I think. So he bought one and I had to kill it the ole African way last night. By cutting his head off. It was a first for me...had to make a memory. I did it very fast so it didn't suffer but still I felt bad haha it's like dad says when you about shoot the dogs that last look just gets you but if times get rough I know how to do that stuff. We will chop him to tonight. 

Well Family! I love you all very much. I am so thankful that I have such a wonderful family. I am grateful for the prayers you send my way. I am getting anxious to come home but still working as hard as possible. I want you to know I hope I will forever keep the gospel of Jesus Christ by the Grace of God. I know it is true and know that my Heavenly Father lives. I feel at times we forget that he is an actual being and he is actually at the other end of our prayers. He is our father and he does love us. I am thankful for my Savior. This Easter was very special for me, the number one thing I have learned since I have been a missionary is that the Savior is the most important aspect of our lives. He is the reason we get to live with our families forever. He is the reason we will be resurrected and because of Him we can find peace and happiness in this world. He loves us and I love him very much! Can't wait until we meet again.

Love you all tons,

Elder Carson
(t-cars) this name is what everyone calls me here haha!