Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 65- Busy, Busy, Busy

Hey family! I love you guys tons!!  I don't have much time to email but I just wanted to shoot a quick email to you and tell you guys I love you tons and thank you for the emails.  I have so much to tell you though about this area, Heavenly Father has blessed me with great district members and we get along very well. Also he has trusted in us here in Asuom, we have a lot of responsibility here.  According to President Hill he wants to turn Abomosu into a stake by the end of next year and the only thing holding us back is Asuom.  We had to start from the basics though, we started home teaching, visiting teaching, a calling tree so everyone gets called, we assigned ourselves to each auxiliary in the church.  Graves, my companion, is in Primary and is doing great it fits him perfect the kids love him, Apiah is in Elders Quorum and they love him there and he teaches great while Elder Itedjere is in Young Men and Young Women and he has so much swag and just fits perfect with them, while I'm in Relief know me with women haha!!! Well we are emailing at the church and everyone needs to email plus we get to call soon so its chill but know I'm safe, Tell Elder Graves mom that he is safe and doing so dang good he is a stud.  Well Mom, Dad, Colbs and Family!! I was so sad about Pam it breaks my heart but I was just telling these guys that she will accept the gospel and we need to do her work for her!! I love you guys tons!! Next Week we get to talk!!!

Elder T-Cars!!!